Acupuncture for your soul


Misty is the best! She is such a calming presence in this crazy city, and I always look forward to seeing her. I have pretty bad scoliosis, and she really knows how to work to relieve the physical pain I feel daily. I whole-heartedly recommend her!

– Christine N. (11/19/16)

Definitely knows her craft and doesn’t rush. I instantly signed up for 3 more sessions…”

– Ray S. (10/18/16)

Misty is an incredible acupuncturist. I have gone through several acupuncturist that were either giving me little results or making things worse until I found Misty. Her technique is perfect for getting positive results and I know because she has truly helped me. Misty’s knowledge in other areas assist in the healing process. What areas? Herbal. Natural supplements were suggested to assist in certain areas that have been troubling me. All I know is WOW! My body doesn’t feel like an 80 year old anymore but how I should feel. She listens to you and your body which is so important. You want relief, you want Misty.”

– Jess R. (6/3/15)

“I have been working with Misty & Amla Healing for almost two years now. I had gone to a few other places before for body work/acupuncture but wasn’t totally satisfied.

I work a lot and hold a lot of stress in my body which effects my energy levels and sometimes my mood, so I was looking for someone who was able to help me feel better.

After my first session with Misty, I felt better immediately and for a majority of the week following. The places in my body where I normally feel the most tense, I didn’t even notice.

What is great about Misty is that she really cares about her clients and is also very talented. She spends just as much time with her hands (Incredibly strong) as she does with the needles which makes a major difference afterwards.

I 100% recommend her and Amla to anyone for anything related to mental and physical stress. She truly is a life saver!”

-Alex S. (5/12/15)

“This girl heals your pain. She is amazing. She first asked me where is the pain and then she started working on the area with needles. After a while the pain was gone. It’s not a soothing massage, so it might hurt a little, but it’s for a good reason, because she is going after real results. Expect real results and an amazing knowledgable person on top of it all.”

– Dmitry A. (8/3/15)