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Myofascial Bodywork for Chronic Pain Management in Bergen County, NJ
March 23, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Myofascial release for chronic pain management in Bergen County, NJ.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, managing your condition is essential for enjoying a better quality of life. In some cases, chronic pain can make it difficult to perform basic, everyday tasks. One problem you may be running into is finding the right treatment.

Myofascial bodywork is an option to try if other treatments haven’t given you the relief you need. And it’s one of the treatments we offer here at Amla Healing Arts, together with other healing arts for pain management and wellness.

Here’s more information on how myofascial bodywork can help if you’re seeking chronic pain management in Bergen County, NJ.

What is myofascial bodywork?

Myofascial bodywork or myofascial release therapy (MRT) involves realigning layers of muscles and connective tissues. Since pain can originate from different parts of the body known as “trigger points”, myofascial bodywork focuses on a broad area of muscle rather than single points. This increases the chances of finding pressure and releasing it to help manage your chronic pain.

MRT is particularly effective if you suffer from myofascial pain syndrome, which is a chronic pain disorder caused by sensitivity and tightness in myofascial tissues. However, this form of therapy has also proven effective at treating conditions such as various forms of chronic ache pains and contracted areas.

Apart from helping you manage your chronic pain, myofascial bodywork can assist with restoring balance after old injuries, recovering a wider range of motion, and managing post-surgical issues.

How does it work?

Myofascial bodywork is typically done during a massage therapy session. Your therapist gently massages the myofascia to feel for tightened areas or signs of stiffness. Normal myofascia feels pliable and softer to the touch.

After finding areas that show signs of tension, the therapist massages and stretches them, applying light manual pressure. They perform this process multiple times on each trigger point they find and other areas where you’re experiencing pain.

Each session of myofascial bodywork only ends when the therapist feels that the pressure has been released at all the tension points they found.

Types of myofascial bodywork

Depending on the details of your chronic pain, a particular type of myofascial release may prove the most effective at treating your condition.

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT)

Neuromuscular therapy involves soft tissue manual therapy, but with the addition of quasi-static pressure. This enables it stimulate skeletal striated muscle, which can help with managing chronic pain.

NMT may be a good type of myofascia release for you if your chronic pain is associated with poor posture, nerve compression syndrome or biomechanical dysfunction.

Healing touch energy therapy

During healing touch energy therapy, a practitioner uses their hands to encourage physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. That makes this specific form of MRT ideal if your condition requires treatment that’s more holistic.

In addition to addressing the physical causes of your chronic pain, healing touch therapy also uses an energy-based approach to help provide relief.


If cupping turns out to be the best form of MRT for you, partial vacuums will be created in cups placed on your skin. This can be done through heat or suction. And cupping is especially effective at treating muscle pain because it affects the body four inches into the tissues, promoting the release of toxins and activating the lymphatic system.

Use myofascial release for chronic pain management in Bergen County, NJ

Myofascial release can provide you with effective chronic pain management, helping you to live a more comfortable life. And receiving this treatment from Alma Healing Arts means being treated by a certified bodywork therapist. Get in touch with us today.